Friday, April 5, 2013

Not that kind of outdoorsy

Hola People of the Internet.  What's that you say, I'ts been awhile-?  I think you're mistaken. NO I really think you're mistaken.  NO there's no need to look at the date of the previous post. I SAID THERE'S NO NEED! 

FINE.  It's been a little while.  You could count the time in months, but you could also count it in days.  Stop judging.  I have a life. Well....I have a husband and a weekend cocktail-and-video-game habit.  It's kind of the same thing. YES IT IS.  Geez imaginary people of the internet that I talk to, stop disagreeing with me mmmkay?!

Whatever. Let's move on.  Shall We. 

So winter lasted forever this year. Am I right? Yes yes I am.  I'm not just saying that b/c I recently spent a year in Bangladesh.  Where winter doesn't exist. Or if it does, it's only for a week, and the temperature is 60ish. Or the Celsius equivalent. Whatever the fuck that is. Celsius. Am I right? 

off track.  Winter. Winter lasted forever.  Seriously we had snow practically into April.  ENOUGH already.  I'm not a beach girl,  (due to the proximity to fish) but even I am lusting over tropical vacations.  Unfortunately I'm so used to going to out of the way places that no one visits (cough-bangladesh-cough) that I've apparently become a bit of a snob.  We want to go somewhere fairly close (to us that means this hemisphere) and fairly cheap- but everyone goes to Mexico.  It seems so plebeian   See- Snobbery.  I'm getting over it.  The promise of warmth and fruity drinks is enough to stomp the snob. 

But in the meantime, it's supposed to be nice this weekend.  Like SPRING.  Oh holy hell yes.  Give me some of that sunshine and warmness.  Give.It.To.Me. In celebration of the weather I got it into my head that we should do something outdoorsy this weekend . 
Now let me just stop your train of thought right there.  Whatever kind of outdoorsy you're thinking of, that's not what I mean.  Unless you actually know me, and then yeah, that's probably what I mean. 
Pretty Much
I kept thinking how nice it would be to sit outside somewhere and share a glass of wine and just chat and read and drink and rinse and repeat.  Maybe munch on some cheese and crackers or fancy artisan bread. Yeah that would be awesome.  But as much as I looked, I could find know charming cafe nearby to sit and people watch and indulge in my outdoor fantasy (get your mind OUT of the gutter- i meant drinking). I do live in the middle of nowhere after all.  Our cuisine runs more towards fast food and beverages are those you can purchase at the gas station.  So hat I'm saying is I need to move to Paris.  Or Italy.  I'm not picky, Either works.  They both have wine.  

In the meantime, maybe I can find a beret and sit out on my slab of a concrete patio with a bottle. 
And maybe a glass.  Keepin' it Classy.

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