Saturday, August 3, 2013


Holy crap internets. I think i might be becoming a grown up.  

I was feeling pretty good about maintaining my youthful don’t-give-a-shit charm even in the face of a milestone birthday. But today.....things changed. 

 It seems someone alerted the press that I turned 30 this summer b/c all the magazines that show up in my mailbox have had these lists of things you should do by certain ages.  

And I was feeling pretty good b/c I don’t have any of that stuff.  And I like it that way.

5 year plan?
Life Insurance?
Skin Care Regimen?

But then....then shit got real.  All of the sudden...out of the blue... on an ordinary Saturday Morning.... I decided my windows needed curtains.



I have blinds already.  So it’s not a privacy thing.  Peeps can’t see in or play their spy games.  Uhuh.  Not in my house.  So there’s no NEED for curtains.

Some creepy domestic instinct must have been lying in wait.  Just biding it’s time until I let down my guard.




So now i’m on the internet looking at valances and curtain rods and cafe curtains etc etc etc.  AND WONDERING WHAT MATCHES MY COUCH.  

It’s madness friends.
Utter and complete madness

I can only hope ordering these draperies of adulthood from amazon with two day prime shipping will calm the domestic beast.  Otherwise things could get nasty.  I could decide we need placemats.  or cloth napkins.  or GASP  a dining table.

And that's seriously going to cut into my wine and shoe budget.

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