Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Elephant Escapes From Zoo- Coffee Blamed

I've been digging through my archives from my old, now defunct blog- the blog I kept while I was living in Bangladesh.  Some of it's pretty funny, some of it is halfway decent, some of it is worth reposting.  Oh, hey, like this one: 

Did you see this story on NPR?  Yes I just assumed you listen/read/follow NPR, all the cool kids do after all.
Just in case you missed it, I’ll summarize:  Basically a 2.5 ton elephant named Baby escaped from a traveling circus in Ireland and wandered over to a coffee shop. No one was hurt or anything like that. In fact the report says that the circus employees had Baby back ‘within minutes’.

My friend Li drew my attention to the story and the following facebook conversation/commenting occurred:

Li: And that’s why I don’t drink coffee Renee

Me: Baby just wanted a cup of coffee for crying out loud.  Everyone knows the circus has terrible coffee.

Me: Also, No One puts baby in a corner, Especially if Baby weighs 2.5 tons.

Me: And finally, this article made you not want to drink coffee, but you’re still ok with going to Ireland? I’m not sure that makes any sense.  Do what I do and say yes to Coffee AND Ireland, Elephants Be Damned!

Me: Last one I swear, All the coffee I drink means I could probably outrun the elephant, your decaffeinated ass is getting left behind.

Li: Just one question, how many cups of coffee have you had?

Me: I haven’t seen any elephants if that’s what you’re asking.

Li: Just Checking.

I submit this as proof that I am indeed funny in real life.  And by real life, I of course mean Facebook.

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